Assisted Living Benefits that May Surprise You

With a significant chunk of Utah’s population, about 16%, now over the age of 65, that’s nearly a million people. More seniors and their loved ones are starting to plan for elder care. It can be a tough chat, especially when it feels like a big life change. But there are loads of benefits to senior living. With the right senior community, the best could be just around the corner!

Let’s dig into some of the many emotional, social, and physical health perks of independent and assisted living. Knowing these benefits can make deciding to start your search for senior care in Utah much simpler!

Easy-Peasy Living

Many folks over 55 are choosing to move into independent living communities, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), and other 55+ apartment-style retirement homes, even though they don’t need help with daily tasks. That’s because senior housing takes those chores off your plate.

Think about what you could do if you didn’t have to stress about laundry, cutting the grass, or surprise costs when appliances break down. You can take advantage of on-site maintenance and cleaning services in many senior living communities. These services remove these headaches, leaving you to focus on enjoying your retirement.

Make Time for What You Love

When daily tasks and money worries do not tie you down, you’re free to chase after the things that really matter to you. Senior living isn’t one-size-fits-all—you can pick a community with unique perks and services that will enrich your already vibrant life. This way, you have an easier path to craft a life full of meaning and purpose.

Senior living communities are also great places to be if you’re hunting for new hobbies. With a constantly changing lineup of community events, planned activities, and other fun amenities, you can explore new hobbies and passions like never before. Today’s senior living options offer more than just bingo—there’s a whole world of fun waiting for you within these communities.

Sleep Easy with Enhanced Safety & Security

Safety and security features in senior housing come in many different forms. With keypad entry and security systems, residents can rest easy knowing that they and their treasures are always safe and sound. And for those with memory care needs, these measures ensure that wandering behaviors are dealt with before they become a risk.

Many communities also offer health monitoring tech to prevent falls and other health risks. With non-intrusive sensors, care teams can spot any falls that do happen and respond right away, which is crucial for long-term health outcomes. This article provides nursing homes with advice on how to handle falls. Their process can be applied in assisted living and memory care settings.

Boost Your Social Life & Engagement

Up to a quarter of adults aged 65+ are socially isolated, according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Feeling alone can seriously affect mental health and, in turn, impact physical health. Without social interaction and engagement, adults are at a much higher risk for dementia, heart disease, ER visits, hospitalization, and more. All of these factors are linked to a higher mortality rate.

That’s why the social aspect of senior living might be one of the most important of all. That feeling of connection, community, and understanding is vital for healthy aging. And not all housing options foster this sense of community in the same way. So whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there’s a way to find meaningful connections for everyone.

Get Easier Access to What You Need for Health & Wellness

Senior living communities focus on making your health and well-being the best it can be. Many communities have on-site medical facilities, transportation services, scheduled visits from specialists like physical therapists, and fitness centers with a variety of ways to stay active.

Many of the typical barriers to wellness at home are lifted in a senior community, giving you easier access to health tools and support than ever before. From group golf outings to yoga just down the corridor, staying fit your way is easier than ever in a senior living community.

Depending on the level of care you or your loved one need, you can choose a community that has light assistance available when needed or full-time assistance with personal care and daily activities. This safety net ensures that chronic conditions are watched and managed, nutritional needs are met, and potential health issues are tackled proactively—all important parts of both short-term and long-term wellness.

What’s the Price Tag for Assisted Living in Utah?

The cost of assisted living changes depending on where you live, the perks and services offered, and the type of facility (assisted living, residential assisted living, or CCRC). On average, senior housing in Utah costs about $4,500 per month or $54,000 per year for the larger assisted living communities.

In Utah, we have another option called residential assisted living. Their cost starts at $1,500 in Salt Lake City and $2,500 for Salt Lake County. The cost will increase depending on the resident’s level of care. For more information on residential assisted living, check out our blog!

It’s also crucial to compare like with like when you’re seeking the right community for you. Make sure to compare the perks and services included in each quote as you explore your options. Some communities don’t include things like cleaning, transportation, and fitness center fees in the base price, while others do. A senior care advisor can help you navigate these plans and secure fully transparent pricing that you can easily compare.

Get Free Help From Your Local Senior Care Advisors

If you’ve been feeling swamped by your options when it comes to senior living, you’re not alone. Utah Senior Care Advisors are here to help you find the ideal living situation for you or your loved one. At no cost to you, we can assess your needs, listen to your preferences, and curate a personalized list of communities to consider.

But we won’t stop there! We’ll also schedule and may accompany you on guided tours, help you navigate your payment options, and coordinate moving day support. With ongoing check-ins and experts at your disposal to answer any and all of your questions, We are your true partner in the senior care journey.

Utah Senior Care Advisors: Helping You Find the Best Senior Living Communities in Utah

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