Assisted Living Companies are Banking on the Baby Boomers

Helping a loved one transition from their cherished home into an assisted living community can be a challenging experience to say the least. Companies are building communities all over the valley in anticipation of the “Baby Boomer” generation eventually coming of age to need assisted living accommodations. The “Baby Boomer” generation (1946-1964) are nostalgically defined as the children that were joyously conceived after the Allied Forces ending WWII.

Working after school at my family assisted living communities, my best friends were the soldiers and mothers that raised the “Boomers”, these seniors were my residents and they each taught me something unique about embracing old age. The oldest of the “Boomer” population is currently eclipsing their early seventies, years away from any thought of the assisted living communities in their future.

Many large assisted living companies have already taken advantage of building communities in anticipation of the aging Boomer population with the complete understanding that their resident population boom is still more than a few years away, especially with the average person living a longer, healthier lives than their parents. Black lung and exposure to radiation is less common every day Thanks to OSHA.

The consolation for families in need of care for a loved one is knowing that the assisted living market is oversaturated with communities that need residents. Many communities are willing to cut deals, because most of them are competing for the same clients. Let me use my years of assisted living operations experience to advise your family. No other company has the hands on experience that I have. Other senior advisor companies have franchise owners associates with backgrounds in sales and marketing, not much direct care or management experience in an actual assisted living community. Experience makes a big, big difference. Allow me to personally help your family.

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