Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Independent Living Options

Let us visit with your family to explain the differences and details associated with choosing the perfect community for your loved one. We have the most senior care experience in the Salt Lake Valley. It can be stressful to navigate the healthcare world, and each community offers different accommodations and services.

Independent Senior Living- These apartment-setting communities for people 55+ are generally for those who do not require assistance with activities of daily living. Most of these residents maintain their driver’s licenses and care for pets. All Independent living communities offer different amenities and programs. Many include an activities program or socials and meals in a dining room. Some may have laundry services, transportation, housekeeping, and other amenities such as a pool or gym. Larger companies may have Independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing communities on one campus, so your loved one can graduate to a high-care community as their needs progress.

Assisted Living- Apartment setting communities that assist with activities of daily living, including hygiene, prepared meals, laundry, and medication assistance. There is generally a full-time activities program, a hair salon, and other amenities for the residents to enjoy. These communities have an RN available, but not on staff around the clock.

Memory Care-These communities provide all of the same services that an assisted living provides but specialize in caring for residents with dementia. The communities are generally smaller and have a higher staff-to-resident ratio. A good activities program is based on sensory stimulation.

Skilled Nursing- Hospital setting communities that employ doctors and have around-the-clock registered nurses on staff. This type of community assists those that need attention that only an around-the-clock nursing staff can provide.

Assisted living prices are structured in numerous ways, and pricing can be deceptive. Pricing is never cut and dry. The two basic structures are “All inclusive” or “Al-a-carte”. Many communities use “a la carte” pricing because it makes their baseline price seem low, but after you add up the cost of “optional” services, the price of residency and care can be staggering. These services include the very basic needs of assisted living, such as help with personal hygiene, toileting, showering, and other necessary needs like laundry services, incontinence fees, or transportation to physician appointments.

Many communities will charge an additional fee if your loved one requires excessive amounts of medications to be administered. Do some research in your state and see if you’re loved one qualifies for Medicare or Medicaid, as well as veteran’s benefits. Some assisted living communities accept Medicare as a payment option, while others only accept private payments.

When you tour a community with an “all-inclusive” fee schedule, the initial cost baseline is going to look much higher, but most basic services are included in the price; this way, you have a better idea of how much you will be paying each month. Be aware that there will still be services not included in the price. These services are generally implemented when basic services become excessive, such as meals being taken to your loved one’s room on a regular basis in case he or she has declined to the point that they cannot dine in the dining room. This is not an issue in isolated circumstances. If incontinence becomes an issue and the maintenance department needs to clean your loved one’s apartment carpet continually, you may be charged extra, as well.

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