CNA– Certified Nursing Assistant, as they are called in most states. They provide direct care to the residents and administer medications under the registered nurse’s direction and license.

POA– Power of Attorney. Assisted living administration must work directly with person responsible for making decisions for their loved one. Sometimes the resident themselves may have the power of attorney.

DNR– Do Not Resuscitate. This states that under direction from the power of Attorney, the resident shall not be resuscitated in the case of a medical emergency.

POLST– Physician Orders Life-Sustaining Treatment; a form that dictates treatment in the case of an emergency. It must be completed by the power of attorney and a physician.

ADL’s– Activities of Daily Living record. A record kept by the assisted living staff. It includes a record of hygiene procedures administered, activities attended, percentage of meals consumed and will even go as far as to track bowel movements if necessary.

MAR– Medication Administration Record. This is a record of medications administered, usually on a computer software platform.

PRN MEDICATION– is an abbreviation meaning “when necessary” from the Latin “pro re nata”, as circumstances require, as needed. These may include constipation or blood pressure medications and narcotics.

SERVICE PLAN– A general plan of care tailored to each resident including assistance needed, likes and dislikes, general routine, as well as family directions. This plan is continually reviewed and revised by the care team.

INCONTINENCE– When a resident requires a brief.

BRIEF– Diapers are for infants, briefs are for adults.

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