Make no mistake that the assisted living industry is big business. Huge corporations spend millions of dollars researching how to get a prospective resident’s power of attorney to choose one of their communities. Similar to the M&M store on the Las Vegas strip pumping the scent of chocolate throughout their store and onto the street, big business assisted living companies tend to design their décor and menus with the decision maker’s taste in mind.

Unfortunately, the resident is rarely the decision maker. If your loved one is from “The Greatest Generation”, they may not appreciate a menu that is too diverse. You may love stir fry, but if your grandma grew up on ‘meat and potatoes’ in Nebraska, she may be turned off. The same advice goes for the floorplan of a building. The younger resident that spent their golden years in the height of the cruise ship era may love a larger building with lots of amenities and activities, while older residents may prefer a cozy, home-like atmosphere. Remember, a sous chef and French bistro may sound appealing to you, but what accommodations will make your parent comfortable?