If management can’t execute the simple task of overseeing the physical maintenance of their community, how can you trust them to take care of your loved one’s well-being? All of these questions sound excessive, but you will be surprised upon touring communities, how prevalent these issues are. As you pull into a community parking lot, observe… Is the landscape neatly maintained? Does the community look and smell clean when you enter? Are the front doors heavily damaged from furniture constantly passing through? Management should understand that first impressions are extremely important and doors should be painted constantly. Are the carpets vacuumed and free of stains?

Do door frames and hallways have multiple scuff marks from wheel chairs? Are the windows clean? Is the décor out of date or mismatched? Are random light bulbs burnt out and are there dead bugs in light fixtures? Are there nails stuck in the walls where pictures once hung? Are holiday decorations still present three weeks after the actual holiday? Are multiple random objects stored inappropriately out in the open? All of these are examples of common occurrences when communities do not implement a strong maintenance program.

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