Jason and Michael has an extensive amount of experience dealing with seniors in Utah. They both are so caring and truly wants what's best for their clients! They are committed and they are providing our community a much needed service. These guys are the best.. Thank you, Jason and Mike, for everything you do!

Debra Finnegan

These guys are the best! Caring, authentic, genuine, honest, and committed to supporting and navigating our seniors to an enhanced life. They are providing our community a much needed service. Thank you, Jason and Mike, for everything you do!

Jessica Page Nield

Jason and Michael are caring and compassionate. Dedicated to providing the best in services to seniors and their families, treating them with dignity and respect. Thanks for what you guys do..you're awesome!

Wendy Gore

Jason and Mike are great guys and have a tremendous amount of experience in the senior living world. Would highly recommend using Utah Senior Care Advisors.

Ryan Jorde

Michael Williams is professional, personable, and caring. He will treat your family as his own. I highly recommend Utah Senior Care Advisors.

Maren Williams Warnick

Seriously, Jason is one of the coolest and kindest people I have ever met. He truly cares about the people he works with and makes you feel just like family. Could not have asked for a better advisor.

Julie Hong

We love working with Utah Senior Advisors. They are both efficient and they care, a WIN-WIN. Thank you for always making our interactions pleasant.

Brittany Hydrick Russell

This company is truly an honest and caring care finder for your loved ones. You can trust they will help your elderly family find a place where they will be happy and properly cared for. Such a great idea!

Sean Michael Pasinsky

Jason cares about people & will always do his best to help! His personality makes you feel at ease as you share any questions.

Arum Han

Jason helped me out. Was willing to spend hours of his time with me. Awesome guy!

Chris Choi

Mike really knows his stuff! Great group to work with.

James Kilpatrick

So glad we found this company! They made it so easy for my Dads transition!

Keven McDonald

Jason is personable and friendly!! Highly recommend working with him!

Megan Conner

Patty Ames, my grandmother passed away just over one year ago in October. Thank you for the follow up, I genuinely appreciate it...just so you know I do send a lot of people your way when looking for care for their parents, grandparents, etc. You were and still are my saving grace when I had no idea what to do and when to do it with my grandma’s care, home, safety, Facility recommendations, etc. I love that you were cut and dry and open about no referral fees for the placement of a client and for being so open about where you would put your own loved one. Before you, I cringed at that statement because I know there are so many in the line of work that are willing to say or do anything for a referral fee. (I found that out the hard way before you). My sweet Grandma was placed at Summit Senior living in the memory care unit and progressed so well she was able to move over to the non memory care unit within just a couple of months. I am so happy how she lived out the last year or so of her life and how many people there loved her. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have found SAL Facility or get to spend as much time with her as I did. (Remember, she only ended up being one stop light away from my own home?!) As a side note, I also met one of your biggest competitors when I took a client out to lunch one day about 3 Months after my grandma passed away. I told him, you and your partner are some very tough competition and though I hope to not have to use you for a long time, when the time does come - you have my word they you’ll be the first person I call. Thanks again so much. You were a lifesaver for me, especially when I was so alone doing all of this “as a one man band”.

Ashlee Ostler